Techniques and Rationale for Motion Picture Restoration

February 8, 2006
  • Image processing
  • 68U10
Motion picture restoration spans the gamut from archival preservation of historically and culturally significant works to pragmatic treatment of low budget titles to extensive polishing of today's blockbusters. Each restoration project has its own idiosyncrasies, including original storage technology, type of damage, and final delivery requirements. Each project needs to strike its own balance between speed and accuracy of processing. Restoration must be approached in a way that addresses the peculiarities and considerations unique to the material. This talk presents some of the prototypical challenges encountered in motion picture restoration. The evolution and consequences of several prevalent storage technologies are discussed. Various sources of image degradation and damage---both common and unusual---are demonstrated. State-of-the-art restorations techniques are presented and critiqued. The requirements and properties of modern delivery mechanisms are explained.