Architectural Trends and Programming Model Strategies for Large-Scale Machines

April 13, 2007
  • applied mathematics
  • climate change
  • climate modelling
  • Moore's law
  • game processors, GPU programming
  • parallel programming
  • performance analysis
  • memory management
  • partitioned global address space architecture
  • 91B76
  • 91B74
  • 91-xx
  • 93-xx
  • 93Bxx
  • 93B07
  • 93B11
Global models based on current and past observations document the reality of climate change caused by human activity, although the details of when and what will happen where are far from clear. This symposium will address the problems and research necessary to translate these global, long-term predictions into local predictions on shorter scales of time, where governments and businesses can act; and will address the implications for industry and public policy now.
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