Radar Imaging from Multiply Scattered Waves

October 18, 2005
  • Waves
  • 76D33
We consider imaging the earth's topography using synthetic aperture RADAR (SAR), as well as real aperture RADAR (RAR). We use a simple scalar wave model for the radio waves. Instead of the common approach of singly-scattered waves, we consider the situation where a reflecting 'wall' is located in the vicinity of the region of interest (ROI). We will show how it is possible to take advantage of scattering between the wall and object(s) in the ROI to improve on the convention imaging methods. An obvious benefit of such a situation is the improved angular resolution available from this kind of data. Our approach is based on microlocal analysis, which is often considered an opaque subject area to the uninitiated. However, the simplicity of the experimental set up in SAR and RAR makes for a very straightforward application of microlocal tools.