Model-Based Imaging and Feature Extraction for Synthetic Aperture Radar

October 18, 2005
  • Dimensional analysis
  • 00A73
We present recent work on imaging and reconstruction of objects from radar backscatter measurements taken over wide aspect angles. Radar backscattering is a function of several variables, including location, (complex-valued) amplitude, polarization, and the aspect (azimuth and elevation) of the interrogating sensor. This high-dimensional data is often displayed as a projection onto a two-dimensional image. As next-generation radar systems become increasingly diverse and capable, the assumptions and algorithms that have been used for traditional imaging need to be reconsidered. We present imaging techniques that accommodate limited persistence of scattering centers on objects, and use these techniques to develop two-dimensional object reconstructions from wide-aperture radar measurements. We also consider physical models of the scattering behavior of canonical shapes, and present results on scattering feature estimation from radar backscatter data or from complex-valued radar imagery. We discuss applications in object reconstruction, visualization, and recognition using these techniques.