Floer Homotopical Methods in Low Dimensional and Symplectic Topology Workshop: Equivariant Khovanov Stable Homotopy Types and their Applications

November 18, 2022
  • Khovanov homology
  • Lawson-Lipshitz-Sarkar Khovanov homotopy type
  • equivariant spectra
  • localization
  • Smith inequality
  • periodic links
  • 55P91
A few years ago, Matt Stoffregen and I constructed equivariant Khovanov spectra for p-periodic links using Lawson, Lipshitz, and Sarkar's Khovanov stable homotopy type. In this talk, I will sketch our construction and then discuss applications of these spectra in low-dimensional topology. If time permits, I will also suggest further research problems that may require the use of Khovanov spectra or Manolescu-Sarkar's knot Floer spectra.