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Video Library Help Guide

Basic Search: A Basic Search allows the user to find videos based on words used in the title, abstract, keywords, institute name and presenter of the video. Basic Search utilizes Full Text Searching with a pre-defined ranking system. A weight has been applied to each criteria searched. The weights are A, B, C and D with A applying the most weight and D the least. The criteria and weights assigned are:

Criteria Weight
Title A
Abstract B
Keywords B
Institute Name C
MSC Number C
Presenter D

For more in-depth search options, use the “Advanced Search” link.

Advanced Search: Click on “+ Show Advanced Search” and you will able to search the video library with more specific fields. You can search by title, keywords, the presenter, the date of the lecture, and by the institute. If you fill in more than one field, be advised that the video must satisfy all of the criteria you provided. It will not be separated into multiple searches. The lecture date can be an exact date or a range of dates, and the institution tab is a “pull down” menu with selected options.

You can combine Basic Search and Advanced search.

As an example:

  • "Neural Dynamics" is searched for using the Basic Search field and 45 videos are displayed in the search results
  • "Jim Jones" is entered in the Presenter Field and the search is executed
  • The search results will display 12 videos that are related to Neural Dynamics and are presented by Jim Jones

Search Results Sorting: When viewing your search results various options are offered for you to sort the videos displayed. ‘Most Relevant’ is the default sort order and will honor the Ranking system when a Basic Search is used. You can also click on the links for the lecture date, an alphabetical listing of titles, the institute presenting the study, the duration of the video, and who is presenting the lecture. You will also be offered to view trending videos and the most recent recordings.

Videos by Institute: All eight institutes contribute videos to the video library. You can search for video lectures by institute and watch all of the videos that each institute has to offer. New videos are posted recurrently.

What’s Trending: These videos are the current most popular videos being watched by users of the website.

Latest Videos: The videos with the most recent lecture date. New items are posted intermittently, so check back regularly to discover new videos.

Featured Videos: Periodically, certain lectures will be selected as the feature videos. These videos may be relevant to a new discovery, a popular news story, or because the information communicated is currently trending. Videos will be rotated and changed.

More Info: By clicking on the “More Info” link at the bottom of each video, you will be directed to a page that shows further information about the video’s length, title, and presenters. There will also be an abstract briefly explaining the research and material covered in the video. If the presenter has added any supplemental material, it will be provided on this page. You will be able to download any documents.

At the bottom of the “More Info” page, there are suggested videos that relate to your search. These videos may be selected because the have same presenter as the video you were viewing or because they contain similar material on the topic. The videos may also have been offered by the same institute as the video viewed.