Spring Opportunities Workshop

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April 15-17, 2019 at AIM

Typically the target audience for this biennial workshop rotates between women and underrepresented minority groups in the mathematical sciences. The goal is to familiarize the audience with professional opportunities in academia, industry, and government; and to address challenges currently faced by women or underrepresented minorities in the mathematical sciences.

Participant Experiences

  • “Job search and interview talks were very helpful. We were able to talk about challenges for women in a way that we could only address in an all women workshop.”
  • “It was GREAT having the representatives from grant organizations there! And very nice that they were free to talk between sessions.”
  • “I really enjoyed networking and the smaller group discussions.”
  • “I particularly enjoyed [ ]’s talk. She and I are at similar institutions and I was able to get some great ideas for scholarship and professional development from hearing what she has done.”
  • “I found the panel discussions to be most useful. I think it was also good to have research/career talks from a variety of areas, and I think it was particularly useful to have presenters talk about their career choices/paths as part of their talks.”
  • “I always find networking at these types of workshops to be the most important. I feel that I will maintain contact with a number of the women that I met.”
  • See the blog written by Jessica Matthews, a participant of the 2016 Spring Opportunities Workshop for Women held at SAMSI.


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