Spring Opportunities Workshop

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Hosted by IAS in Spring 2023

Typically the target audience for this biennial workshop rotates between women and underrepresented minority groups in the mathematical sciences. The goal is to familiarize the audience with professional opportunities in academia, industry, and government; and to address challenges currently faced by women or underrepresented minorities in the mathematical sciences.

Participant Experiences

  • “I very much enjoyed the networking aspect of the workshop. I feel like I gained valuable information from peers, seniors, and panelists alike.”
  • “I really liked how each of the speakers not only talked about the mathematics they do but also their journey to get there. It was very helpful to see how everyone has forged their own path to their career and found something that works for them that they love.”
  • “The speakers talked openly and sincerely about the aspect of the career that you hardly hear people talk about it.”
  • “I especially appreciated the journeys presenters shared, as well as Michele’s insight into the NSF and the heads-up about the resources AIM and other institutes have.”
  • “I loved having a day for industry and academia separately where we looked at issues in both and having people talk about their experiences in both”
  • “I now realize there are many jobs out there that I would be very happy having. I also learned about how to barter with pay when I do get hired. I met some people who do similar mathematics and hope to work with them in the future.“
  • “This workshop will likely impact my career by having instilled a sense of confidence in me, and providing me with resources and direction as I search for my future career opportunities.”
  • “The first big takeaway for me is that after hearing about the speakers’ experiences, I have more courage to work on my own career because now I know I can make it. I am also more aware of the resources available to me for professional development. Finally, it was s good way to start building my network.”


Conference Photos from the April 2019 program